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What about AOXRE


The Aoxre (Assay of OxisResearch) Bio-Sciences is a premier source for state of the art research products  targeting Oxidative Stress biomarkers. OxisResearch™ brand for oxidative stress is one of our main product lines.  At the heart of the OxisResearch™ product line are the Bioxytech™ assay kits. These products simplify the testing of Oxidative, Antioxidant, Nitrosative and Inflammatory Biomarkers that play a central role in many human diseases including Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Autism, Atherosclerosis, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, Epidemiologic diseases and others. It is our mission to be of service to the scientific community by developing fast, accurate, useful, and cost-effective oxidative stress related products so that the basic and applied research in this field can progress at a faster step. The Aoxre  Bio-Sciences is located between the beautiful San Francisco and world high tech center - Silicon Valley, USA.

Our Product Line


Aoxre Bio-Sciences now has many assay products for testing of oxidative stress biomarkers, antioxidants, DNA damage and others. 

Our main products include:

1.  DNA oxidation assay kits (e.g., DNA damage, 8-OHdG, etc.),

2.  Lipid oxidation assay kits (e.g., Lipid Peroxidation, Malondaldehyde, Hexanol-Lysine, etc.), 

3.  Protein oxidation assay kits (e.g., Dityrosine, Aconitase Activity, etc.), 

4.  Enzyme assay kits (e.g., Catalase, SOD,  GSH, GSH/GSSG etc. related enzymes), 

5. Anti-oxidant assay Kits (Antioxidant Potential etc.).

In addition to the Bioxytech® kits,  Aoxre also supplies Cardiac markers / Hormone / Steroids / Tumor markers / Thyroid, etc test kits, and also supplies antibodies, enzymes, bio-substrate reagents (e.g., TMB 1-component HRP substrate reagents), and other specialty products.

To learn More


To learn more about our products, please visit our website at http://aoxre.com or e-mail us at info@aoxre.com to request a copy of our product brochure. 

If you need to order, you can check it through the website, e-mail or call us, we promise to give you a satisfactory answer. Thank you very much for your support and patronage for the Aoxre Bio-Sciences .  The Aoxre Bio-Sciences is willing to work with you to contribute to the development of world life sciences.

Our products: quality assurance, price concessions, timely delivery, and thoughtful service.