Catalog Number: 26511- L-Ergothioneine (100mg)

 Class:Natural Product
Chemical class: 2-thio-imidazole, amino acid.
Introduction:L-Ergo™ is synthetically derived L-Ergothioneine. It is a ubiquitous, naturally occurring and sulfur-containing intracellular antioxidant found in most plants and animals.
Source:Naturally biosynthesized by fungi and mycobacterium in the soil, subsequently assimilated by plant roots. Cannot be synthesized by animal species, historically available only from dietary sources. Commercial availability: Microbiological route, (Miyoshi et al, 1968)1 low yield and purity. OXIS' chemical route, (patent # 5,43 8,151)2 high yield and purity.
Properties:98 % pure, white crystalline solid.
Water soluble (Solubility limit of 0.9M at Room Temp.)
Does not auto-oxidize at physiological pH. Also very stable to strong alkali conditions.
Activity:Potent antioxidant3,4 Directly scavenges reactive oxygen species Activates key antioxidant enzymes. Chelates metallic cations. Powerful peroxynitrite (ONOO-) scavenger5 shown to reduce oxidative damage to human neuronal cell line N-18-RE-105 in the presence of ONOO-.6 Metabolic regulation Stimulates RBC energy production. Stimulates normal respiratory energy production.
Application:Dietary / Food supplement.
Dermal Protectant - Sunscreens/protective cosmetics
Ophthalmic - Topical, replenish less during cataract development.
Organ preservation - increase viability of organs used in transplants.
Safety:Acute Toxicity (OXIS 1997)7: Adult male rats single dosed at 62.5, 125, 250 and 500mg/kg. Followed 14 days. Chronic Toxicity (OXIS,1997)8 : Dosed once a day at 50 and 200mg/kg for 14 days
No signs of toxicity as measured by mortality, clinical observation, variation in body weight or hematological and biochemical parameters. Further studies in progress.
Position:U.S. Patent #5,438,151 is a process patent for the synthesis of pure L-(+)-ergothioneine. Issued August, 1995. Patent Assignee, OXIS International, Inc.